A downloadable character chard

Made for the Tiny Library: Modern Fantasy jam.

A MOSAIC Strict character generator and sheet.

Also CERAMIC-Strict

a bit of my thought process behind this card, maybe to get ideas going. 

i’ve always enjoyed a more roleplay based character creation process than assigning points and having predefined skills that a character’s either good or bad at. and i think it’s more interesting to have “weaknesses”. 

a  mighty and faint character can maybe carry a lot but not for very long, or can hit hard but only a couple times. maybe there’s a retired librarian and a teenage jock in the same party, but neither gets a penalty for having “low stats” in an area, or a street shaman picks frail because their magic isn't super showy and takes a lot of concentration.

plenty of room for other modules to interact, or for the player to expand from. 

pick and choose from the binaries, let them be a sliding scale, or assign points and a limit, or randomize the choices somehow.

just make sure you’re doing something fun and interesting!


mschar.pdf 10 kB

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